Sunday, June 14, 2009

7 reasons to say "I do"

I am still listening to the study of Ruth that my pastor has on has only taken me since December haha! But today was talking about the qualities to have in a spouse.. but not only do I want these qualities in a spouse I want them for myself! so here we go 7 reasons to say I do:

1. Spirtuality- loving God and God always being on our lips!
2. Humility- Love and care for others. Putting others desires before ourselves
3. Priority- knowing what matters most. Having the priority of Godly living
4. Honesty- Telling people the truth even if it ruins what you want.
5. Accountability- Willing enough to put aside our emotions to do what is right. Following Gods plan over our own.
6. Purity- self explanatory
7. Generosity- giving to others even if it doesn't benefit ourselves

First of all we should pray for ourselves to have these qualities and THEN pray to find spouses with these qualities!

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