Saturday, September 19, 2009

Miss Ayden and The Collard Festival!

Last weekend I was able to go and support by fellow chargers at the miss ayden pagent and the collard festival parade! Ayden Grifton is the high school that I lead young life at and they have an annual collard festival and miss ayden pagent. One of my girls, Nikki was in the pagent and actually won! I was so proud of her!

All the girls at the pagent!

Nikki after she was crowned Miss Ayden! She looked so pretty :)

Two of my favorite girls!! Nikki and Lindsay

Miss Ayden and I!

Colleen the Collard Festival Mascot!

Joey and Molly holding the Ayden-Grifton FFA Sign

Go Chargers!!

Ayden Grifton Color Guard! They were so good :)

Ayden Grifton Cheerleaders!

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